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Sunday, September 13, 2015
September Newsletter
Tues - Thur 5:00 - 7:00
Sun - 1:00 - 3:00
$0.50 off all drinks
Fri: Buckets of Domestic Beer 6 / $10.00


Sept 7th - Labor Day Parade Breakfast
potluck before parade. 8am till 10am.
Lodge will furnish Biscuits and Gravy.

Sept 13th - Kids Fishing Tournament
derby at Kitchell Park. 1pm - 3pm

Sept 20th - Family Picnic at Pana
Sportsman Club. Meal at 1:00. Lodge will
furnish meat and drinks.

Sept 26th - Women’s Annual Fun Run.
After the Fun Run, Robbie Mitchell will play
from 7:30 - 11:30. All member and guests
are welcome.


Sept 26th - Women’s Annual Fun Run

Sept 9th - Next Meeting
One meeting on the 2nd
Wednesday of the month.


Regular Drawing at 10:00 pm
Register by 9:30 pm

Charity Drawing 9:00pm
Register by 8:30 pm

Progressive Drawing at 10:00 pm
Register by 9:30pm ($1000 Cap)


LOOM Regular Meetings are held on the
2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.
Meetings start at 7:00 pm.
General membership meeting is open
to each member in good standing.

WOTM Regular Meetings are held on the
2nd Wednesday of each month
Meetings start at 6:30 pm


We need your help!! If you are not receiving
an e-mail newsletter and updates we need your
email address. This is a no cost way to send
reminders to you about events at the lodge.
Please take a few minutes and send your e-mail
address to panamoose@live.com Thanks for
you cooperation.

Effective July 8th : If a member bounces a
check he or she will lose their check writing
privileges. Your social quarter privileges will be
suspended until restitution is made plus the
$25.00 returned check fee.
- Board of Officers -

Do not park across the street at Dollar General
or Spring Garden before 9:00 pm. Anyone
parking there before 9:00 pm could have their
car towed away. You may park in front of
Beyers chiropractic at any time.

Lodge Quota 2015–2016 (37 members!)
Be prepared to show your Moose membership card at any time for entry into the club, when requested. The bartenders can ask to see your card at any time.

If your dues have expired, you are not allowed in the lodge for any reason, not even as a guest. (Gen. Laws 50.2, Section 10, from Moose International.)

Absolutely NO alcoholic drinks are permitted in front of the Moose building, on city property. Drinks ARE permitted on the rear patio area, which is Moose property, but NOT outside of that area which is then city property.

Absolutely NO drinks are permitted on the dance floor when we have entertainment events. If you do so, you will be warned and if violated again you will be asked to leave the lodge. Thank You for your cooperation.

Borrowing of Moose Items

Any member in good standing, wishing to borrow any Moose items, including our tables / chairs, cookers, etc., may do so FREE OF CHARGE - but there is a $25.00 damage deposit required, which is returned to you if the items are returned undamaged, simple enough
procedure, advise the bartender what you wish to borrow, leave your damage deposit and advise when the items
will be returned.

Moose Member Benefits: http://www.MooseIntl.org/portal/Benefits/default.asp

Pana Moose Website
PanaMoose.com or http://Lodge1015.MoosePages.org/
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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